The Power of Sharing.

Both these opportunities offer you the ability to earn by sharing with your friends. The image shows one example of what's possible by sharing. 

For the Crypto opportunity, you earn $21 for each direct and $7 for Level 2 down to 6. So if you shared with only 3 people and each of those 3 shared with only 3, by the time you got to level 6 you would be earning $7686 a month, paid in BTC!!!

However, by the time you are a few levels deep, people will be joining from all over the place, people you don't even know. 

The Forex opportunity pays you 15% (20% for CEO) of the monthly subscription from your directs and 5% for your directs, directs (level2).

The power of these products means you can make a great return on your money without the need to promote or build a team.