We now have an option for Binary Options trading!!!

As part of the forex package, you will have access to a daily live trading session at 1800hrs GMT.

The trader, Angus Levie, has a track record of turning $3000 into $100,000 in a matter of months. 

Just look at those results, INSANE!!!

Three options:

Join the forex Opportunity and have daily lives with this trader as part of your package.

Join to follow the Binary options trading 3 times a day.

0800hrs, 1200hrs and 1500hrs GMT. (follow the link Binary)

Thrid option do both: use the profits from the Binary options to top up your A.I forex account. which is what I am doing.


My results will be posted here. As you can see the date I started is 19/04/2021. with $3270.77

I will update my results every Friday. Even if I have losses.