Who am I?
And What is Airborne trading  Solutions all about?

I am Jake, AKA The Airborne Trader. I am currently still serving in the military, but coming to the end of what will be a 26-year career. In that time I have spent months away from my family, so started looking for alternative ways to make money. 

I started out with Binary option back in 2017 and quickly progressed onto Forex. Where social media will have you believe you can be an overnight millionaire. Far from it. I have studied how to trade over the past few years and my results are starting to come together. 

In the meantime and mean books later I thought it was time to start making money on the side and start to leverage other peoples knowledge. That's where the Forex and Crypto solutions come in. Both the option you can find on this page has made me some great returns and continue to do so. 

I will continue to find ways to make money while I sleep and share those opportunities with people through here. Please follow me on FB and good luck.

As a father of 4 amazing boys, it's now more important than ever to sort the wheat from the chaff. Find what works that will give me and my family the financial freedom, so many desire.


I am passionate about helping others achieve the same and help people escape the rat race and live their dream lives.